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Deloitte is one of the leading professional services organizations in the United States, specializing in audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services with clients in more than 20 industries. We provide powerful business solutions to some of the world s most well-known and respected companies, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 100.At Deloitte, you can have a rewarding career on every level. In addition to challenging and meaningful work, you ll have the chance to give back to your community, make a positive impact on the environment, participate in a range of diversity and inclusion initiatives, and find the support, coaching, and training it takes to advance your career. Our commitment to individual choice lets you customize aspects of your career path, your educational opportunities and your benefits. And our culture of innovation means your ideas on how to improve our business and your clients will be heard.

Readyforanexciting,fast-paced career? Haveapassionfordigging intodata,drawing conclusionsanddeveloping recommendations?Asan Analyticsinternin theDeloitteAdvisorypractice,you llhavetheopportunitytogainvaluablehands-on experienceworking alongsideleading professionalswhilebuildingyourprofessionalskillsinavarietyofanalyticaltechniquesand industryskills.You llbeinvolved indeveloping dataanalysisplans,innovativeanalyticsstrategies,and designingand implementingavarietyofclientsolutionsthataddresschallenging businessissues.

WorkYou llDo

Datacan often hold thekeytofuturegrowthopportunitiesformany complexorganizations.DeloitteAdvisory sAnalyticsserviceshelpourclientstransform businessissuesinto opportunitiesforgrowth andlong-termcompetitiveadvantage.OurAnalyticsprofessionalsmakeextensiveuseofdata,statistical and quantitativeanalysis,rules-basedmethods,andexplanatoryand predictivemodeling in ordertobring insightstoclientissuesin theforensicandtransaction domains.LearnmoreourAnalyticsteam at Deloitte.

HowYou ll Grow

AsaSoftwareDevelopmentIntern,youwillbeprovided with anopportunitytolearnbothtechnicalandbusinessskillsfromateamofexperienced FinancialServicesindustryprogrammers.Thedurationofthisinternship willbefromJuneDecemberand20-40 hourseach week,dependingonyourschool srules.YouwillassistwithDataAnalysis,Reporting,OperationsSupportandProgramming.Youwillbeapartofafast-pacedworkenvironmentwithever-changingprioritiesand deadlines,andacultureofpersonalresponsibilityand accountability.Thisinternship willhelpyou honeimportantskillsforyourlifeandcareersuch aslearningouttooperateindependently,being flexiblewithoutlosingasightofimportantpriorities,and handling ambiguity.



EnrollmentinaBachelor sorMaster sdegreeinBusiness,Engineering,ComputerScience,ManagementInformationSystems,Mathorarelatedfield. Strong academictrackrecord Interestin pursuingaprogramming careerin FinancialServicesindustry Demonstratedproblem solving and criticalthinking skillsand abilitytosynthesizedata Abilitytolearnand workhardinafluid,fast-paced environment


-{PS..0}->MinimumGPAof3.2preferred Relevantanalyticsordatamanagementfocused courseworkdesired Additionally,weareseekingcandidateswith familiaritywithavarietyofanalyticstoolsandprogramming languagessuch as,butnotlimited to:

o MicrosoftSQLServer,Oracle,Sybase,OLAP

o Programming Languages(e.g.SQL,Java,JavaScript,jQuery,AJAX,C#,C ,VBA,VB.Net,ASP.Net,HTML,XML,SAS,ACL,etc.)

o DataVisualizationTools(e.g.QlikView,Tableau,etc.)

o ReportingTools(e.g.BusinessObjects,Reporting Services,etc.)

o Big DataTools(e.g.Hadoop,Hive,Pig,Impala,Mahout,etc.)

o -{PS..1}->Dataqualitytools(e.g.,Dataflux,BusinessObjects,Informatica,etc.)

o MachineLearning/Cognitive(e.g.,Python,Mahout,IBMWatson,CognitiveScale)

o PredictiveAnalytics/DataMining: (e.g.,IBM SPSS,SASEnterpriseMiner,RPL,Python,Matlab)

o Performancemanagementand visualizationtools


Ready for an exciting, fast-paced career? Have a passion for digging in to data, drawing conclusions and developing recommendations? As an Analytics intern in the Deloitte Advisory practice, you ll have the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience working alongside leading professionals while building your professional skills in a variety of analytical techniques and industry skills. You ll be involved in developing data analysis plans, innovative analytics strategies, and designing and implementing a variety of client solutions that address challenging business issues.

Work You ll Do

Data can often hold the key to future growth opportunities for many complex organizations. Deloitte Advisory s Analytics services help our clients transform business issues into opportunities for growth and long-term competitive advantage. Our Analytics professionals make extensive use of data, statistical and quantitative analysis, rules-based methods, and explanatory and predictive modeling in order to bring insights to client issues in the forensic and transaction domains.Learnmoreour Analytics team at Deloitte.

How You ll Grow

As a Software Development Intern, you will be provided with an opportunity to learn both technical and business skills from a team of experienced Financial Services industry programmers. The duration of this internship will be from June December and 20-40 hours each week, depending on your school s rules. You will assist with Data Analysis, Reporting, Operations Support and Programming. You will be a part of a fast-paced work environment with ever-changing priorities and deadlines, and a culture of personal responsibility and accountability. This internship will help you hone important skills for your life and career such as learning out to operate independently, being flexible without losing a sight of important priorities, and handling ambiguity.



  • Enrollment in a Bachelor s or Master s degree in Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Management Information Systems, Math or a related field.

  • Strong academic track record

  • Interest in pursuing a programming career in Financial Services industry

  • Demonstrated problem solving and critical thinking skills and ability to synthesize data

  • Ability to learn and work hard in a fluid, fast-paced environment


  • Minimum GPA of 3.2 preferred

  • Relevant analytics or data management focused coursework desired

  • Additionally, we are seeking candidates with familiarity with a variety of analytics tools and programming languages such as, but not limited to:

  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, OLAP

  • Programming Languages (e.g. SQL, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, C#, C , VBA, VB.Net, ASP.Net, HTML, XML, SAS, ACL, etc.)

  • Data Visualization Tools (e.g. QlikView, Tableau, etc.)

  • Reporting Tools (e.g. Business Objects, Reporting Services, etc.)

  • Big Data Tools (e.g. Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Impala, Mahout, etc.)

  • Data quality tools (e.g., Dataflux, Business Objects, Informatica, etc.)

  • Machine Learning/Cognitive (e.g., Python, Mahout, IBM Watson, CognitiveScale)

  • Predictive Analytics/Data Mining: (e.g., IBM SPSS, SAS Enterprise Miner, RPL, Python, Matlab)

  • Performance management and visualization tools

The Team

Deloitte Advisory s Financial Technology group develops and licenses a growing family of proprietary software products (see to assist financial institutions with a number of complex topics such as accounting for credit deteriorated assets, projecting expected cash using complex assumption models, and the administration of investments in leveraged loans.

The Financial Technology group operates as a client-facing, revenue-generating software practice rather than consultants in the traditional Deloitte sense. The team produces specialized software for a market rather than a single client or project. The people in the team span every role you'd find in a software company: developers, architects, quality assurance, business analysts, subject matter experts, and business development. Depending on their skills and experience, our professionals often play multiple roles a developer can also be a subject matter expert on a business topic, and a business analytics might also do sales.

Deloitte s Culture

Our positive and supportive culture encourages our people to do their best work every day. We celebrate individuals by recognizing their uniqueness and offering them the flexibility to make daily choices that can help them to be healthy, centered, confident, and aware. We offer well-being programs and are continuously looking for new ways to maintain a culture where our people excel and lead healthy, happy lives.LearnmoreaboutLifeatDeloitte.

Corporate Citizenship

Deloitte is led by a purpose: to make an impact that matters. This purpose defines who we are and extends to relationships with our clients, our people and our communities. We believe that business has the power to inspire and transform. We focus on education, giving, skill-based volunteerism, and leadership to help drive positive social impact in our communities. Learnmoreabout Deloitte s impact on the world.

Recruiter Tips

We want job seekers exploring opportunities at Deloitte to feel prepared and confident. To help you with your interview, we suggest that you do your research: know some background about the organization and the business area you re applying to. We also suggest that you brush up on your interviewing skills and practice discussing your experience and job history with a family member, friend, or mentor.Checkout recruiting tips from Deloitte professionals.

Asusedinthisposting,Deloitte AdvisorymeansDeloitte&ToucheLLP,whichprovidesauditand enterpriseriskservices;DeloitteFinancial AdvisoryServicesLLP,whichprovidesforensic,dispute,andotherconsulting services;anditsaffiliate,DeloitteTransactionsandBusinessAnalyticsLLP,whichprovidesawiderangeofadvisoryandanalyticsservices.DeloitteTransactionsandBusiness AnalyticsLLPisnotacertifiedpublicaccountingfirm.Please entitiesareseparatesubsidiariesofDeloitteLLP.

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